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JUNIOR PLAN (4 to 9 years old)

Special offer for families!

Littératout is pleased to offer a plan just for families! Currently on sale for a limited time.


Motivate your children to read during the weekends and the holidays!  


The Junior subscription is a monthly subscription offering unlimited access to all the interactive learning games and books available on Littératout. The content can be accessed with all types of devices with an internet connection*. 

Click on any of the buttons above to try samples of the activities and the books.

Unlimited access for 7 days FREE!

Starting from 6.50$ / month

One account per child

Unlimited access to all interactive learning games and books

No hidden fees, no contract

Cancel your subscription anytime without fees
Accessible on all types of devices*

* Content requires the latest versions of Google Chrome or Apple Safari. A minimum of iOS 10.3.2 is required for the iPads.

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