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Mastery of the graphophonetic system allows students to establish the relationship between the grapheme (written) and the phoneme (oral) and to decode texts to read fluently and increase their comprehension capacity. Indeed, it would seem that an explicit teaching of the graphophonetic system has an important positive effect for the decoding of texts, the accuracy of reading and the ability to spell words. Mastery of the graphophonetic system is therefore an important component of an effective teaching program in reading, a component which is complementary and interrelated with other skills to be developed such as mastery of concepts related to writing, phonological awareness, word study, fluency skills, vocabulary and comprehension strategies. Mastery of the graphophonetic system is one of the effective practices for developing language skills and supporting the development of oral language. The graphophonetic correspondence activities offered by Littératout aim to support your teaching of the graphophonetic system by providing students with opportunities to put the learning into practice in a fun and engaging context.


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