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Our Word Study Resources

Studying high-frequency words helsp readers with quickly recongnizing the most commonly found words in texts, which improves reading fluency.

To learn to read fluently, it is important for young readers to be able to read high-frequency and familiar words automatically. In fact, high-frequency words represent about 50% of the words found in texts. The fastest way to read a word is through immediate visual recognition, and automatic recognition of high-frequency words promotes reading fluency and comprehension. Indeed, automatic recognition of the most frequent words frees up working memory for comprehension-related tasks.

It is important not only to teach these high-frequency words in context but also to provide students with opportunities to practice recognizing these words. To do this, it is beneficial to offer children fun activities that allow them to improve their automaticity.

Nos activités de grammaire

Our grammar resources are designed to be dynamic and playful. Learning through play has several advantages. In addition to promoting motivation and engagement, this approach supports students' attention and reduces stress and fear of making mistakes.

Books and Activities work with the most recent versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers. For iPad tablets, a version of iOS 10.3.2, or higher, is required for proper operation.

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