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Discover some of our activities to appropriate frequent words.

L'étude des mots fréquents favorise la reconnaissance globale et spontanée des mots les plus souvent retrouvés dans les textes, ce qui améliore de la fluidité en lecture.

In order to learn to read fluently, it is important for young readers to be able to read frequent and familiar words automatically. In fact, frequent words represent about 50 percent of the words found in the texts. As the fastest way to read a word is through immediate visual recognition, automatically recognizing frequent words promotes fluency in reading and comprehension. Indeed, the automatic recognition of the most frequent words makes it possible to free up working memory for the benefit of tasks relating to comprehension.

It is important not only to teach these frequent words in context, but also to provide opportunities for students to practice recognizing these words. To do this, it is profitable to offer children fun activities that allow them to improve automaticity.

Nos activités de grammaire

Les ressources pour la grammaire offertes sur la plateforme Littératout sont conçues dans une approche dynamique et ludique. Cette approche ludique comporte plusieurs avantages. En plus de favoriser la motivation et l’engagement, cette approche permet de soutenir l’attention des élèves et de réduire le stress et la crainte de l’erreur.

Books and Activities work with the most recent versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers. For iPad tablets, a version of iOS 10.3.2, or higher, is required for proper operation.

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