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Reading kits to promote the pleasure of reading

Sending reading kits home allows you to create a parent-child moment around the book in order to develop children's interest and pleasure in reading. At the start of the week, the teacher gives each student a kit with a book that the student brings home to read with his or her parents. However, in this time of pandemic when, for health reasons, it is no longer possible to send paper books home, Literatout kits are an excellent option to encourage reading at home.

Literatout offers digital reading kits for Kindergarten to Grade 2 students, that the teacher can virtually assemble so that the student can access them from their Literatout account at home.

Contents of the kits

This year, our literary kits are completely turnkey! You just have to assign them to your students by adding them to a folder and you're done! Nothing to assemble!


Each kit contains:  

-  An ebook.

- Two informal and optional activities to extend the moments of pleasure experienced around the readings.


What the kits don't contain

As the objective of literary kits is to promote the pleasure of reading, the kits do not contain formal tasks to be carried out after each reading.

The advantages of digital literary kits

Digital literary kits have several advantages. First of all, finished the heavy task of managing the exit and the return of the kits. In addition, we can "send" the same kit to several or even all of our students at the same time, unlike paper kits.


Littératout digital literary kits are easy to assemble and can be "sent" home through Littératout student accounts. In addition, you can follow the progress of the students with their readings at home, thanks to the dashboard which the teacher can access from his or her interface.

Of course, at Littératout, we recognize the irreplaceable value of the relationship with a real book, physical, in paper. However, digital literary kits are an excellent complement to paper kits, reaching a large number of students who would otherwise have little or no contact with books at home. In addition, in times of pandemic, digital kits make it possible to continue to encourage reading at home while respecting health measures.

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