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Books Packs to Promote the Love of Reading

Sending book packs home allows teachers to create an opportunity for parent-child quality reading time that helps promote a child's interest for reading. At the start of the week, the teacher may give each student a book pack to take home to read with family members. 

Litteratout offers ebook packs for Kindergarten to Grade 2 that are ready-to-use. Teachers can easily assign the packs to their students' accounts. Students can then read the books at home.

Contents of the book packs

This year, our book packs are completely ready-to-use! Teachers only need to assign them to students by adding them to a folder in their teacher interface and it's done! 


Each book pack includes:  

-  An ebook.

- Two informal and optional activities to add fun to reading times at home.


What the book packs don't include

As the goal of the book packs is to promote the love of reading, the packs do not include any formal academic tasks to be carried out after each reading.

The advantages of ebook packs

Ebook packs have several advantages. First, it saves on having to manage book inventory as well as book checkins and checkouts. In addition, teachers can "send" the same book pack to several or even all of their students simultaneously, unlike paper packs.


Littératout book packs can be "sent" home through Littératout student accounts. In addition, teachers can follow student progress with their readings from ttheir dashboard.

Of course, at Littératout, we recognize the value of reading and handling "real" books. Ebook packs are an excellent complement to the classroom library, reaching a large number of students who may otherwise have little or no contact with books at home. 

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