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Oral communication plays an essential role in a balanced literacy education program. It contributes to the development of phonological and syntactic awareness, and to the acquisition of the vocabulary and language structures necessary to understand, read, write and communicate. Students who have developed oral communication skills tend to progress in acquiring their reading and writing skills. The interdependence between reading, writing and oral communication promotes the acquisition of skills necessary in all school subjects.

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The oral communication activities offered by Littératout are always fun and engaging and aim to put into practice listening and speaking strategies, the use of various sentence structures as well as the enrichment of vocabulary, all in a situation. verbal interaction and expression. In addition, several of the proposed activities allow integration of both phonological awareness and graphophonetic recognition according to the educational intention that one wishes to put forward and according to the needs of the students.

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Some of our improv kits

Some of our "Quatre en ligne" Activities

Some of our boardgames

Some of our bingo activities for oral communication

Some of our Tic-tac-toe activities

Some of our "Tête à mots" activities

Some of our Personnage mystère activities

Some of our "Pige dans le lac" activities

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