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Our ebooks allow for the use of a variety of instructional pratices

Littératout offers a wide range of ebooks, including fiction and non-fiction books, repeated structure books, novels, and illustrated mini novels. The books are available in both read-aloud and non read-aloud versions. Our books are designed to support teachers who wish to promote children's literature in their classroom, to instill a love of reading, and make books a central part of their reading instruction.

Our ebooks can be used for a variety of instructional practices, such as shared, guided, independent reading, as well as read-aloud and book clubs. The consensus among experts is that learning to read and write with real books promotes motivation and authentic learning.

Developing literacy skills is essential, as these skills form the foundation on which other academic learning is built. There is a consensus that this is a key element of academic success and knowledge acquisition.

Making children's literature a central element of a balanced literacy program has many benefits. In addition to developing an understanding and enjoyment of words and the magic of stories, books help develop a wide range of reading strategies and facilitate the implementation of various reading instructional practices. Furthermore, the conversations around and about read books help develop students' oral communication skills. They provide opportunities for students to clarify their ideas, construct meaning from the text, react, interpret, and appreciate books.

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