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Do you teach in Ontario? You could receive a 25% discount

Littératout is a supplier partner for the education sector in Ontario following an agreement with the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM). This agreement is part of a digital learning tools offering offered to Ontario's education sector through the OECM. This is agreement was established in consultation with the Ontario Ministry of Education and various school boards across the province. This means that Littératout is now officially a government vetted and approved Literacy Digital Tool.

What does this mean for teachers?

As an Ontario teacher, you could receive a 25% discount on the regular price of the individual annual subscription, through a Customer Service Agreementt that may be established between your schoolboard and Littératout .

Resources that continue to be developed with the greatest educational rigor

The fact that Littératout has been invited by the OECM to become a supplier partner for the education sector in Ontario testifies to the pedagogical quality of Littératout resources. Indeed, our resources are designed by a team of qualified and experienced educators who have the literacy needs of students at heart.

Content that is fully compliant with the Ontario curriculum


Littératout resources are fully compliant with the Ontario Ministry of Education's curriculum. All of our resources are validated by our teaching team to ensure they meet the expectations of Ontario curriculum and the practices recommended in the Guides to Effective Teaching.


Superior customer service


Littératout is also recognized for its excellence in customer service. Our staff is always present to support you both technically and pedagogically. In addition, tutorials and webinars are available to you and we offer a real-time chat service to better meet your needs.

How to obtain the discount?

To take advantage of this discount, the OECM requires that your schoolboard sign a Customer Service Agreement (CSA) with Littératout. This is an agreement that guarantees the 25% discount on the price of the individual annual subscription for all Literatout license purchases made for a period of 3 years. There is no obligation on the part of the school board to purchase nor is there a minimum purchase volume. In addition, schools can purchase licenses, meaning that it is not necessary for the board to make a systemic purchase of licenses.

Suggested procedure to obtain the discount

To obtain the discount, you can share this information with your school principal and / or your board's curriculum services.

Also download our flyer to share with your contacts at your schoolboard.


Does my school board have an avac Littératout service agreement?

Please note that ALL ONTARIO SCHOOLBOARDS are eligible to receive this discount.


To find out if your schoolboard has a service agreement with Littératout, ask your school administration or contact our customer service:

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