Resources to help your child maintain their literacy skills!

With the closure of schools, caused by the COVID-19 virus, many parents and educators are wondering how to promote the maintenance of literacy skills during this extended leave. Littératout offers you simple and fun activities, digital books, video clips and suggested activities to do with your child to keep them engaged and motivated in reading, writing and oral communication during this period.

1st, 2nd year (6-7 years)

Spotlight on graphemes, phonemes and frequent words!

Mastery of the graphophonetic system allows the child to establish the relationship between the grapheme (written) and the phoneme (oral) and to decode texts to read fluently and increase their comprehension capacity. On the other hand, to learn to read fluently, it is important for young readers to be able to read frequent and familiar words automatically. In fact, frequent words represent about 50 percent of the words found in the texts.

At the vowel market - the vowel é

Targeted skills: graphophonetic correspondence, decoding, vocabulary

This graphophonetic correspondence activity allows the student to establish the relationship between the grapheme / é / and the corresponding phoneme [e]. This activity is part of the To the Vowel Market series, a series of activities that allow students to establish the relationship between graphemes and their respective phonemes. The À la ferme des consonants series constitutes the complementary series, which allows you to work on consonants.


JUNIOR Frequent Word Hits

Targeted skills: global recognition of frequent words, vocabulary

In this frequent word recognition activity, the student reconstructs words from a set of mixed letters.


EBook Courage, Dafné! By Katia Canciani, Julie Cossette (with audio narration)

The Dafné collection and the soft toys MA BULLE EDITEUR

Targeted skills: Reading skills, vocabulary, listening skills

Mom and Dad would like to register Dafné for a new activity, but this idea seems to worry her a lot… She finds plenty of reasons to say no! Fortunately, the Doudoux are there to reassure her! Thanks to their support, the girl will find the courage to express her fears and overcome them. To listen to the narrations, just click or tap on the text!


Charivari on the farm digital album (with audio narration)

Target skills: vocabulary, listening skills, auditory discrimination, graphophonetic correspondence

This beautiful digital album features the / ch / sound. There is quite a hullabaloo on the farm! What could possibly be going on there? Find a whole bunch of mischievous animals and discover the cause of this strange hubbub! To listen to the narrations, just click or tap on the text!


Nutrition Writing Topic Kit (6-7 Years) - Download and Print this Kit!

Targeted skills: Writing and / or oral communication skills depending on use

Ideas for subjects to write short texts, presented on pretty colorful cards! Put these cards in a basket, box or bag and have your child draw. Read the map with your child and voila! Your child can then write or we can use these cards orally.


Books and Activities work with the most recent versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers. For iPad tablets, a version of iOS 10.3.2, or higher, is required for proper operation of the activities.