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Adaptations (9-10 years) - VIDEO CAPSULE 4

This capsule is the fourth in a series designed to help students develop their understanding of habitats and communities, and the relationships between the plants and animals found there. In this capsule, students will learn about the different adaptations that allow plants and animals to survive in their habitat.


At the vowel market - the vowel a (5-6 years) - INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY


This phonics activity allows the student to establish the relationship between the grapheme / a / and the corresponding phonemes, namely the phonemes [a] and [ɑ] ([a] as in plane and [ɑ] as in chocolate ).


Une journée à l'école - avec narration - LIVRE NUMÉRIQUE

This ebook showcases the many activities that students do in school. There are several repetitive structures, including an interrogative structure and several frequent words. It is an enumerative, short text, with a series of elements that are repeated until the outcome. This type of text allows emerging readers to easily identify the syntactic structure of the sentence, making it easier to read.


Captain Geo's capsules - Triangles (8-10 years) - VIDEO CAPSULE


This video clip is part of the capsule series Les capsules de Capitaine Géo, a series of videos designed to help students acquire geometry vocabulary. In this first capsule, Capitaine Géo's mission is to present to the students the various types of triangles and their characteristics.

NEW! Interactive group games to encourage questioning in reading

Littératout is recognized for its excellent printable games that facilitate reading questions. One of these games is now available in an interactive version and other games will be added to this new series entitled I read, I share, I understand! Use them in small groups or in large groups to allow students to share their ideas and opinions about the texts read. They will thus be able to improve their understanding, while practicing listening and speaking strategies. These games can be used in the classroom and remotely! Deploy them on your TNI or by screen sharing during virtual meetings with your students to stimulate discussion, or even invite your students to open them on their devices to play in pairs or in small groups.


On your marks, get set, share! (8-11 years old)

After reading books of their choice, players roll a virtual dice to advance their pawns on the game board, responding orally to questions about the texts read. The first player or team of players to reach the Arrival space wins the game!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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